Friday, 2 February 2018

Cedar Terrace & Town series buildings comparison

This week I bought a second hand Cedar Terrace, a building I have been wanting for quite some time. 
I decided to compare the new Town series building to it & see how different they are. 

The first 2 floors are nearly the same height, but the 3rd/ top of the town building is slightly higher.

adding a third floor to the Town building makes it considerably higher!

Another difference I noticed is that although the Cozy/Daisy/Sycamore cottage sits perfectly on top of  2 town buildings (or the department store when it is closed over) the Cedar Terrace is actually a little wider & hangs over. I was surprised by this as the Cedar Terrace is supposed to be connectable with all the buildings that the Cozy Cottage is (I assumed they were the same base width) 


In all I'm still very happy with this building, & am now trying to decide if I want to customize/paint & decorate it. And for those wondering of the new Town series will fit in with the current collection (Beechwood Hall, Cozy Cottage, Cedar Terrace etc..) I think that they look rather good together & I cannot wait to get more of the new Town Series myself!

(by the way I forgot to take pictures, but the Town series buildings are half the room width of Cedar Terrace & Cozy Cottage. For those who were wondering.)

Friday, 26 January 2018

DIY simple mini diorama.

DIY simple mini dioram

You will need:
  1. clear plastic salad bowl, 
  2. paper plates (must fit on the top of the salad bowl) 
  3. Paint (your choice of colour)

Step 1
Paint the paper plates. I painted the bottom of my paper plates green for grass & blue for water. Wait for the paint dry. 

Step 2 
Set up the mini scene however you want it (remembering to keep it within the size of the salad bowl) 

Step 3
Place the clear plastic salad bowl on top & you are done. 

You can make this a permanent display by gluing the pieces down, or keep it as a temporary display & change the items in it. 

Many collectors have issues with trying to display scenes, without collecting dust. This is a small way of having a display & protecting the figures. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Creme & Freya's Christmas Trip to town.

Creme & Freya's Christmas Trip to Town.
Story by Terra Jackson, photo by Chill82.

This story was sent to me during a Christmas Ornament swap on the Sylvanian Families forum. 
Thank you so very much Terra!

Friday, 13 October 2017

New-to-me figures

My apologies for not blogging in a while. Life gets busy with 5 children, 2 cats, & a dog!

I’m still collecting, but lately I’ve been buying second hand older figures off eBay.
I’m quite excited this week as I now finally have a complete original Snow-Warren white rabbit family! (I have most of the Celebration family too)

And now my Bramble pony is joined by Ivy the pony & Strawberry the Foal!!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

New JP Sylvanian Families Town series

My apologies for not updating this blog in quite a while. My life has become unexpectedly busy & although I love my SF there has not been as much time to write about them.

I'm here now to give a few updates.

My new Japanese Sylvanian Families items arrived a few weeks ago.
I received the Department store, Delicious Restaurant & my daughter now has the Gelato Shoppe.

Here they are all pictured together.
While it may look like it takes up quite a bit of room, it's actually no bigger than 2 Beechwood halls together.

The ornate detail on these items is exquisite! I haven't taken close up photos yet, but I hope to do so in the near future. Also I have ordered the JP Collectors club exclusive brown/chocolate buildings from Kobee-japan on ebay. They should be here in a few weeks & I hope to show them to you soon too. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Australian Plangon Doll fair

Today my daughter & I went to a Doll fair, it's the second that we have gone this year & we have enjoyed both of them. This one was hosted by the Australian Plangon Doll Collectors Club (

We enjoyed it immensely! here are some photos of the exhibits & displays

Including a huge Sylvanian Families display (which I have uploaded a video of on YouTube )

(can you see my sneaky little Teddy Bear story girl in this photo)